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50th Anniversary

Members of the Art League were honored by the Indiana House of Representatives and Indiana Senate on Feb. 9, 2016, in recognition of the organization’s 50th Anniversary.  Sheila Klinker and Randy Truitt, Indiana representatives, are pictured with the Lafayette delegation.

See State Proclamation for 50 Years

Orie Shafer about the Art League 5oth Anniversary Art exhibit

Sheila Klinker, a member of the Art League,  presented Art League with Proclamation from the State of IN in recognition of its fifty years.  Pictured are:   Linda Sorensen, Sheila, and Connie Grace.


Brad and Linda Cohen speaking about Arni's 50 years in Lafayette during Art League Celebration in October.

 Kendall Smith serving Art League members

Linda and Josette display the new program book

Birthday cupcake were served

Connie Grace told about the Art League in 1965

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